Donate A Doll and Support Children and Communities in South Africa

Donate A Doll With Zimele UKLaunching this great new alternative gift for £25.

A crafter benefits from the income...
A child benefits from a beautiful doll...
The women and children involved with the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children project benefit from any additional income to buy school uniform and pay school fees...
You get to buy a meaningful gift...
Win, win, win, win!

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name and address you wish to appear on the certificate. Payment of £25 per gift can be made via paypal or sending us a cheque/ paying directly into our bank account. You can find the details on how to do this here.

Please note that we do not take photos of children receiving dolls in advance. It can therefore take between 2 to 3 months for us to receive the image of the doll and its new friend that you have sponsored. However, if you would like to purchase an urgent gift, please get in touch and we may be able to speed up the process!

Close Knit Community Tree Dedications, 2014

Celebration Tree, Zimele UK
The Celebration Tree 2014. Each person’s dedication is displayed on this tree. Photo credit: Margaret Underwood.

The Close-Knit Community Tree has arrived! In the early hours of Mothering Sunday, 30th March, a group of slightly nutty volunteers were busy yarn bombing a cluster of trees and the storytelling throne in Linda Vista Gardens.

The knitted and crocheted squares were made by supporters with a connection to Abergavenny and women from Zimele’s Fairtrade craft groups in Swayimane, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The project was conceived as part of the ongoing link between both communities through Wales for Africa Community Links, funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales for Africa programme.

The Mayor of Abergavenny, Councillor Sheila Woodhouse ‘opened’ the tree after a few words from Zimele’s Rebecca Hands. Julie Long entertained children with a story whilst seated on the beautifully decorated wooden seat at the centre of the trees.


The Close-Knit Community Tree. March 30th 2014.

In celebration of all the special and wonderful people in our lives:

  • Annie Ackroyd
  • Pearl Ackroyd
  • Phyllis Allan
  • Maggie Appleby
  • Karen Baber
  • Robert Baber
  • Maureen Bainbridge
  • Moyra Barnes
  • Julia Veronica Barrett
  • Kathleen Bell
  • Elizabeth Bennett
  • Christine Bennett
  • Megan Beynon
  • Gunn Borrowman
  • Chris Brown
  • Carolyn Brown
  • George Brown
  • Stephen Brunt
  • Sandra Burgis
  • Audrey Cambell
  • May Carmichael
  • Stella Chappell
  • Janet Clark
  • Janet Collins
  • Peter Croft
  • Donna Crook
  • David
  • Margaret Davies
  • Chrissie Davis
  • Bundl's Dog
  • Mair Duck
  • Albert Edwards
  • Gordon Edwards
  • Mari Edwards
  • Megan Edwards
  • Julia Elford
  • K. Elizabeth & daughters
  • Gruff Ellis-Jolley
  • Marilyn Evans
  • Patricia Ewers
  • Sarah Fairbank
  • Mary Fitzmaurice
  • Jessie Francis
  • Joy Gass
  • Katrina Gass
  • Grandma 16.08.35
  • David Griffiths
  • John Griffiths
  • Margaret Griffiths
  • Sylvia Griffiths
  • Phillie Hall
  • Susannah Hall
  • Angela Hands
  • Jeff Hands
  • John Henry Hands
  • Cheryl Harris
  • Dot Havard
  • Ann Holloway
  • Dainty Horse
  • Maggie Houghton
  • Irene James
  • Caroline Jenner
  • Paul Jenner
  • Kato
  • Helen Kirby
  • Beth Kirkland
  • Kay Konieczny
  • Rachel Lavalette
  • Gail Lewis
  • Jon Long
  • Agnes Louisa
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Betty Mattock
  • Hilda Mattock
  • Mick Morden
  • Joan Mullineux
  • Lynn Murray
  • Herbert Musonza
  • Margaret Palmer
  • Dorothy Parfitt
  • Doris Payne
  • Patricia Penwarden
  • Podge
  • Rebecca Poultan
  • Mike Pratt
  • Emma Purnell
  • Elizabeth Riddell
  • Jean Roberts
  • Mary Roberts
  • Bridget Robinson
  • Joan Robinson
  • Margaret Rogers
  • Violet Rogers
  • Magnhild Rossebø
  • Samuel
  • Norah Sharp
  • Frank Scotford
  • April Shellam
  • Anne Siret
  • Rosetta Stander
  • Eric Taylor
  • Jacquie Taylor
  • Corey Thomas
  • Paige Thomas
  • Sybil Thomas
  • Chandra Tiwari
  • Valerie Townsend
  • Sylvia Pearl Tunbridge
  • Maud Mary Tyson
  • Onyeremba Apu Udenze
  • Melissa Valelly
  • Patricia Vieregge
  • Megan Walters
  • Sylvia May Walters
  • Trevor Walters
  • Joyce Ward
  • My mum, Debbie W-J
  • Denise Anne Warner
  • Malcolm Watkins
  • Marjorie Watkins
  • Stephen Whitwell
  • Betty Williams
  • Cathy Williams
  • Harley Williams
  • Nellie Woodman
  • Prudence Young


With thanks to the following businesses for their sponsorship:

The Close Knit Community Tree 2014 Has Arrived

CommunityIf you’d like to join in with the celebrations, then come along to Linda Vista Gardens for 11a.m. The Mayor, Councillor Shelia Woodhouse will be ‘opening’ the tree and Julie Long will be entertaining us with a story.
If the weather continues to be kind, we will be picnicking in the gardens afterwards so bring along something tasty to eat and drink and we’ll make a day of it!