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Zimele works in the remote region of KwaZulu-Natal in the eastern part of South Africa.
Kwazulu Natal, also known as "KZN", is a province in the eastern part of South Africa, characterised by three distinct areas. The lowland region lies next to the Indian Ocean The central Natal Midlands is a plateau with hills rising in the west. Two mountainous areas, the Drakensberg and the Lebombo Mountains, lie in the west and north. The Tugela River, cuts from west to east through the centre of the province.

Kwazulu Natal is the province with the second largest population of South Africa (about 10.5 million). It has rich resources, such as water, coal, minerals agriculture, and forestry. Durban is the largest port in Africa. The province also has the most comprehensive tourist infrastructure in the country.

Despite these resources, Kwazulu Natal like much of South Africa faces the problem of HIV/AIDS, the legacy of the Apartheid system, and poverty which disproportionally impacts the rural communities. This particularly affects women, who are unable to access the same quality of education and subsequent employment opportunities as men.


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